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Virtual Reality CO-OP Space Shooter

Be part of an elite squad with unique ships and special abilities. Team up with your wingmans, fight enemy pilots, protect civilian convoys and take down big space structures.

Darkfield combines modern mission-based CO-OP gameplay with the flair and setting of old space operas.


Choose one of 4 elite fighter pilots, each with special skills and unique ships. You are hired guns, doing the dirty work for the military deep behind enemy lines.

One of the co-op missions is to blow up a space station! It is heavily enforced, has a powerful shield and is guarded by squadrons of fighters. Flying in guns blazing just wouldn’t do the job. Your squad has an experimental EMP device. Use it to disable the stations shield. Fire off nuclear missiles to blast a hole into the hull of the station, fly in, destroy the core and ride the shockwave back out! This is the kind of gameplay Darkfield is all about!

Gun turrets in action
Gun turrets in action




Other than taking down space stations, you will be escorting civilian fleets through disputed space, holding off waves of attackers and rob military convoys.

The release version of Darkfield will also have a small explorative singleplayer experience, which will explain the history of the conflict you are fighting in.In our Multiplayer TDM mode, you will be piloting 6 unique ships. Our current pre-release build includes a heavy bomber-class with slow movements and big guns, a mid-range-ship with balanced properties and a small, fast ship with direct controls. Each class has it’s own advantages and the unique physics properties will provide a different experience for every ship.

AWF-06 and heavy 2 seated bomber AF-99 "Blackforest"
AWF-06 and heavy 2 seated bomber AF-99 “Blackforest”
mid-sized ACF "Pigeon" P1 and superfast scout ACF "Sparrow"
mid-sized ACF “Pigeon” P1 and superfast scout ACF “Sparrow”

We feel like games are the most fun when they can be played with your friends. Fighting together side by side, taking down enemy stations and coordinating attacks over shortwave radio creates such a strong sense of presence and achievement, it is just too good to pass up!



  • Mission-Driven Co-Operative Game Modes
  • integrated Holodeck Singleplayer Experience
  • unique Ship Types with Special Abilities and Weapons
  • Free-Roam through Space Stations and Ships
  • Online and LAN – there is no online-DRM and we also provide a dedicated Server
  • Single-band, single-channel short wave radios, basically Walkie Talkies in Space, make communicating with your friends a challenge by itself
  • Support for Windows, OSX and Linux
  • Oculus Rift Support and planned support for upcoming devices such as CastAR and Samsung’s GearVR
Oculus Rift View
Oculus Rift View



We have not finalized Darkfield’s story yet, but we recommend you to read our blog entry “The Universe of Darkfield”.


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